Sunbury, PA - Bruce & Merrilees has reloacated its Eastern Pennsylvania branch office from Bethlehem to Sunbury. The office is now located in central Pennsylvania, along the Susquehanna River in Snyder County.

The Sunbury office houses both traditional office accommodations as well as an insulated warehouse, which serves as a staging ground for the company's Eastern PA high voltage operations. 

Regional Manager Gerard Waugh leads operations at the Sunbury branch, where PPL Electric Utilities is one of the company's largest partners.

Besides the Sunbury office, Bruce & Merrilees operates five other locations, including its corporate headquarters in Western Pennsylvania, in New Castle, Lawrence County. The six office locations direct the company's electrical work, which stretches from the Mid-Atlantic to the Midwest.

Project Manager Scott Gratti (left) and Regional Manager Gerard Waugh (right)New hire orientation at the Sunbury officeInside the insulated warehouse in Sunbury