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Robert J Bruce, ChairmanRobert J. Bruce – Chairman

With over 50 years of experience in electrical construction and outstanding qualifications, Robert J. Bruce is a valued resource for strategic planning and business development at Bruce & Merrilees. Mr. Bruce has jump-started much of the growth and diversity that Bruce & Merrilees has seen over the last 67 years. Mr. Bruce also continues to keep Bruce & Merrilees focused on new technology and growth through development and education.

Jay Bruce, President/CEOJay H. Bruce – President/CEO

Jay Bruce brings over 24 years of corporate, project and construction management experience to Bruce & Merrilees. He has served in several management roles within the company and has been involved with various projects throughout the United States. As president of the company, Mr. Bruce monitors overall project planning and assures that performance goals for safety, quality control, customer service, schedule and budget are all achieved.

Prior to joining Bruce & Merrilees, Mr. Bruce worked in the heavy civil and environmental construction industry, including serving as project manager on several multi-million-dollar heavy civil and environmental remediation projects throughout the country. He has also performed many specialty projects, including tunnel installation, landfill development, landfill closure and deep soil mixing. He holds bachelor's degrees in civil engineering and business.

Justin Bruce, Executive Vice-President/SecretaryJustin L. Bruce – Executive Vice-President/Secretary

Justin Bruce brings over 17 years of corporate, project and sales and business development experience to Bruce & Merrilees. He also serves in the sales and marketing / business development role for the company while also overseeing estimating. He has been involved with diverse projects throughout the United States in every industry the company participates in. As vice president of the company, Mr. Bruce maintains industry and political contacts to keep Bruce & Merrilees at the forefront of the industry. Mr. Bruce also sits on various local and national boards of directors both charity and industry related. 

Prior to joining Bruce & Merrilees, Mr. Bruce worked in sales and marketing for the hospitality industry, including serving as sales manager for two year-round resorts in north central Colorado. He holds an MBA and a bachelor's degree in business management.

Jonathan Bruce, Executive Vice-President/COOJonathan R. Bruce – Executive Vice-President/COO

Jonathan Bruce brings over 22 years of corporate, project, construction management and development experience to Bruce & Merrilees. As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Bruce is in charge of all day-to-day operations of the company. He makes sure that all project teams are adequately supported to maximize resource efforts and profitability.

Prior to joining Bruce & Merrilees, Mr. Bruce worked in real estate development and construction of commercial and residential properties. He served as Project Manager on several multi-million-dollar building projects throughout the Washington, D.C., area, and later was a principal in a real estate development and construction company in New Castle, PA, where his responsibilities included overall company operations, real estate leasing and construction management. He holds a bachelor's degree in building construction.