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At Bruce & Merrilees, we work closely with municipalities, departments of transportation and general contractors to install, maintain and upgrade all transportation and infrastructure electrical needs. These needs include:

  • intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
  • CCTV systems
  • tolling infrastructure
  • parking lot and highway lighting
  • logo signing
  • directional signing
  • dynamic message signs including structures and traffic signals, as well as airport facility installations and upgrades.

We have successfully completed projects for:

  • Departments of Transportation and municipalities within Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. 
  • General contractors, such as Trumbull, Walsh, American Infrastructure, Balfour Beatty, Lane and HRI

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Today's highway systems have incorporated advanced systems for communicating with travelers and improving traffic flow. Bruce & Merrilees up-to-date with the latest ITS advancements. We design, construct and maintain ITS systems such as:

  • Traffic management devices
  • Tolling infrastructure
  • CCTV
  • Highway advisory radios
  • Ramp metering systems
  • Traffic control solutions
  • Weather and anti-icing systems for highways
  • High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) control systems
  • Fiber optic loop installation

Airfield Lighting and Communication Systems

We manage the specific lighting, signing and communication needs of airports, and are aware of their unique safety and security issues. Our experience on both small local airfields and large international airfields includes:

  • Runway and taxiway lighting
  • Airport Weather Observation System (AWOS)
  • Directional signage
  • Navigational landing systems – CAT I, II and III

Signing and Signalization

We have broad experience deploying heavy highway signage and signaling. Our experience translates into well-organized projects and peace of mind for you. Call on us for such solutions such as:

  • Signal installation, pre-emption and maintenance
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) sign installation
  • Commercial signage
  • 24/7 emergency service and repair

Lighting Solutions

Simplify installation by turning to Bruce & Merrilees for highway and traffic lighting. Our experience encompasses:

  • Highway and road lighting
  • Bridge lighting – especially prominent bridges
  • Traffic lights
  • Parking lot or decorative lighting installations

Support Services

When a power outage hits, our crisis crews go to work – night or day – to get your highway lighting and signals up and running. Our 24/7 service gets traffic flowing again, and handles emergencies such as:

  • Pole knockdowns
  • Power outages
  • Equipment failures
  • Traffic control disruptions

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